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I attempt to extract primal essences from my subjects. I do not want this to serve as a pretext for erotica, what I want is for these images to do battle with the great reserves of shame we humans hold for our own bodies. My intention was to give a more objective view of our naked flesh, without playing upon sexual desire. My main motive to create them was how the nude has been a source of enduring fascination since whenever human beings ever became human beings, and the same too for artists ever since they've been around. Considering this, I became very much intent on crystallising my own way of seeing our form. I hope to have delivered this way, and I hope too that it is perhaps one of my many ways yet to come.

MODELS: Hafsa Rmich, Marina Obradovic & Adam von Chvosti

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I’m in the window 

I was looking in,

Waxen limbs eloping

In light heaving

With indifference,

Those warm humans

Sliding heat with looks

That swim like colours

In oil burning my lamp,

Lurking minds in flesh

Wrapping and bending

In the folds of their clothes.

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A waking thought sinks

Into a slumber where

Each of the senses 

Dream of each other,

Touch tells tales to the eyes

And the mouth waters

With overheard whispers

Raising hair smelling

Of cinders, burned

By a breath from a body

That writhed, and loved.

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Rejoice in our proportions,

How we fling about

Our parts, they clamber

Bone over bone

Piling high, books

Reading away words

That drown themselves

In a squaring eye sat

On a lolling tongue

That ate its mouth.

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“Yes, such will you be, o regent of grace,

After the rites have been read,

Under the weeds, under blossoming grass

As you moulder with bones of the dead.

Ah then, o my beauty, explain to the worms

Who cherish your body so fine,

That I am the keeper for corpses of love

Of the form, and the essence divine.”

from ‘The Carcass’, Baudelaire

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